Laser beam and aerial effects

What is laser beam show?

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Quick Overview

Laser beam shows, and aerial laser shows are considered one of the most common types of laser lighting display's that are created. These types of laser light shows typically have laser effects that are synchronized with music, or are in sync with some sort of event, then projected from a laser show system.

Beam shows are typically programmed using a variety of shapes and patterns within laser show software (such as Pangolin's QuickShow or BEYOND software). Using the powerful tools within the laser show software, users are able to create, modify, and project a virtually endless stream of incredible laser beam shows and effects.

There are a few different type of laser beam shows, these include aerial laser effects, laser fans, sheets, tunnels, liquid sky effects, and audience scanning effects. You can see examples of these laser effects below.

Aerial laser effects

Aerial laser beams being projected from trussing in studio

Liquid sky effects

Liquid sky rainbow effect being projected overhead the crowd at a Zedd show

Audience scanning effects

Audience scanning laser show effects being projected into the crowd

Laser fans

Blue and yellow laser fans displayed overhead the audience

Laser sheets

Rainbow RGB laser sheets from Zedd laser show being projected overhead at concert

Laser tunnels

Large green laser tunnel being projected through and overhead an audience

What lasers are good for laser beam shows?

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