Outdoor Laser Shows

What is an outdoor laser show?

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Quick Overview

It’s all in the name! An outdoor laser show is any type of laser show that is being performed outdoors, this usually means the lasers will be projecting aerial beam effects or graphics over a long distance, like you might have seen at a concert or show before.

Outdoor lasers have no limit to the type of application they can be used for, some of the common applications include being festivals, weddings, parties, sporting events, digital signage, billboard advertising, and more.

Can I project a laser outdoors during the day?

Using a laser projector during the day is a lot like trying to watch a firework show during the day. You might be able to see a little bit of what's going on, but ultimately you will end up missing out on many of the details that makes a laser show desirable. So although you could do an outdoor laser show during the day, the result will likely leave you unhappy.

What lasers are good for outdoor laser shows?

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