EDC Las Vegas 2019 - World's Largest Outdoor Audience Scanning Event

Outdoor audience scannning event

EDC Las Vegas raised the bar this year, with world record attendance numbers, insane performances, and what is considered to be the world's largest outdoor audience scanning event!

A mindblowing total of 181 laser projectors were spread across eight separate stages, with 70 units installed on the main stage, for the big performances from artists such as Martin Garrix. 

The lasers were provided from the production experts at Laser Image Netherlands, supplying a vast array of systems including the new KVANT ClubMAX FB4 with Pangolin's PASS hardware, as well as their own custom built diode and OPSL based lasers integrated with FB4 control hardware.

 Laser Image and KVANT Projectors, Power The Show

The exact list of all laser fixtures used at EDC Las Vegas can be found below:

  • 24x LaserImage 20W Pure Diode Lasers, with dual BLUE
  • 24x Kvant ClubMAX 3400 Lasers, with PASS
  • 18x Kvant ClubMAX 10 FB4 with PASS, from Laser Image’s new audience scanning stock
  • 19x LaserImage Supernova OPSL HD 35w RROGCB
  • 28x LaserImage RGBB OPSL 18w
  • 30x LaserImage Cyan OPSL 14w
  • 30x LaserImage Green OPSL 10w
  • 5x LaserImage White OPSL 10w
  • 3x Kvant ClubMAX 3400 + PASS

Outdoor audience scannning event

    A Safe & Compliant Show With PASS

    During the planning phase, the team over at Laser Image got together with the approved audience scanning provider Protek, to coordinate for the event. 

    Proper training and safety requirements had to be set in place, guaranteeing everything was done in accordance with US regulations. Precise measurements were taken, and diagrams made, to ensure complete compliance of the setup.

    The final step was to make sure that all laser projectors being used for crowd-scanning have Pangolin's PASS hardware installed inside the laser. As PASS is the only safety system approved by the FDA for audience scanning inside of the United States.

    For more information on PASS, as well as audience scanning safety, you can read the following articles from Pangolin: https://pangolin.com/blogs/education/audience-scanning-safety-2

    Audience scanning laser

    Check out the full feature press release on PLSN's website: http://plsn.com/articles/laser-focus/electric-daisy-carnival-2019/

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