Illuminating the New Austin, Texas-Based Tesla Gigafactory

20 Watt Spectrum mounted from ceiling, projecting Tesla logo on to Tesla vehicle.

The Austin, Texas-based Tesla Gigafactory had its grand opening on April 7th, 2022 and the celebration was eye-catching, to say the least.  Tesla invited nearly 15,000 people to enjoy live music, food, and the colorfully illuminated display showing off their shiny new headquarters and vehicles using - you guessed it - lasers!

Laser Technology

Our friends over at Laser Light Company LLC took the opportunity to beam up the space and installed 24 KVANT Spectrum 20W laser projectors with Pangolin FB4.  Each laser was mounted on the ceiling to create a stunning visual extravaganza, hovering over each Tesla vehicle.  With each laser pointed down, the team then projected a custom-created Tesla logo, laser cones, beams, and waves onto the below cars almost making the cars look straight out of a sci-fi film. 

Laser Light Company LLC’s producer Brooks Palmer and director Shane Martz produced the incredible display with the help of laser techs Matson McCrabb and Chris Cerione to perfectly highlight the Tesla vehicles. 

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Images were taken by Laser Light Company LLC.

20 Watt Spectrum Laser mounted from ceiling, projecting colorful laser beams on ground.
Spectrum lasers mounted from ceiling, projecting bright laser circles around Tesla vehicles at Tesla Gigafactory
Green lasers beam project down on to Tesla vehicles
Multi-colored laser beam projects on to floor in front of Tesla vehicle.

Laser Light Show Technology

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