Mayan Warrior at Burning Man 2018

What is Mayan Warrior?

"Mayan Warrior is the result of a collaborative project that has united artists, craftsmen, photographers, designers, technologists, architects and musicians from Mexico City and Northern California".

Burning Man was a complete success! The beauty of laser show projectors, combining light and sound to bring participants to the origins of the culture. Though it was not a small setup. At Mayan Warrior, they were equipped with (x11) Kvant ClubMax 3000's, (x5) Kvant Spectrum RGBY 33W's, and (x2) Kvant Spectrum RGB 30W's, a complete power house of a show! Not to mention, all of which was controlled using BEYOND Advanced.

The photos below (Taken by Nicholas Hess) show the power of the Kvant lasers, and the power the laser projectors bring into any event. Even when you're out in the middle of the desert, the Spectrum series of laser projectors will continue to light up your show even during harsh conditions like a dust storm!

Special Thanks to Mayan Warrior!
Photographer: Nicholas Hess
Laser Operator: Mark Nath
Mayan Warrior: Pablo Gonzalez Vargas

Show Tech:
(x11) Kvant ClubMax 3000
(x5) Kvant Spectrum RGBY 33W
(X2) Kvant Spectrum RGB 30W
BEYOND Advanced

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Enrique Iglesias Laser Show at the AccorHotels Arena
"Laser bands" - Jennifer Lopez MTV VMA 2018

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