CloZee Show at the Boulder Theater

Laser Show During CloZee Performance in Berkeley California

Photo Credits to SilkyShots

French Musician, CloZee, is a well known electronic and bass music artist. On December 30th, CloZee performed live at the Boulder Theater, in Boulder, Colorado. With two sold-out performances back to back, both shows were a completely unreal experience for the audience and CloZee. "Two magical sold out shows, it was a dream" - CloZee

Laser Show During CloZee performance in Berkeley California

Photo Credits to SilkyShots

UC theatre lasershow

Photo Credits to SilkyShots

But the magic didn't stop at the musical performance. The show featured a variety of different laser projectors, varying from 3W-11W, with a mixture of Pangolin FB4s and FB3QS. 

Running the show was the team over at City Boy Lasers, using mostly BEYOND Advanced for control, as well as GrandMA 2 on PC for Dimmer Control.

"Patching the connection between BEYOND software, and our GrandMA console was extremely easy. Though I am still running an FB3 style DMX setup, I can't wait to get even more FB4s to experiment more with controlling my lasers from a console." - Mike Morgenstern, Owner of City Boy Lasers. 

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