CloZee Show at the Boulder Theater

Laser Show During CloZee Performance in Berkeley California

Photo Credits to SilkyShots

French Musician, CloZee, is a well known electronic and bass music artist. On December 30th, CloZee performed live at the Boulder Theater, in Boulder, Colorado. With two sold-out performances back to back, both shows were a completely unreal experience for the audience and CloZee. "Two magical sold out shows, it was a dream" - CloZee

Laser Show During CloZee performance in Berkeley California

Photo Credits to SilkyShots

Photo Credits to SilkyShots

But the magic didn't stop at the musical performance. The show featured a variety of different laser projectors, varying from 3W-11W, with a mixture of Pangolin FB4s and FB3QS. 

Running the show was the team over at City Boy Lasers, using mostly BEYOND Advanced for control, as well as GrandMA 2 on PC for Dimmer Control.

"Patching the connection between BEYOND software, and our GrandMA console was extremely easy. Though I am still running an FB3 style DMX setup, I can't wait to get even more FB4s to experiment more with controlling my lasers from a console." - Mike Morgenstern, Owner of City Boy Lasers. 

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