Gareth Emery's Laserface at Dreamstate SoCal

The laser show that took the world by storm is back!

Laserface laser show photos courtesy of Rukes


"Laserface at Dreamstate SoCal was the largest show of my life" - Anthony Garcia. November 24th, marks the biggest Laserface show yet. Laserface SoCal had a total of 58 laser projectors, all used to create a combination of different laser effects.

"Our mission is to make Laserface into the greatest show on earth. Not create something that looks good in a picture, but in person, you experience every single track having a perfectly synchronized laser show" - Gareth Emery.

Laserface laser show photos courtesy of Rukes


The idea behind Laserface is to create the world's greatest laser show. it's not about just having a massive amount of laser projectors, but having each laser frame perfectly in sync with the music, giving you the most immerse laser show experience in the world.

 "We aren't there yet, but we will be. Show by show, we get a little better each time" - Gareth Emery.

Laserface laser show photos courtesy of Rukes

Laser Show Technology:

Laserface had a grand total of 58 laser projectors! All of which was ran using Pangolin's FB4, and controlled by BEYOND.

  • 18 Audience Scanning Lasers
  • 22 Aerial Lasers
  • 14 Kvant Burst Berrys

Kvant Burst Berry -

Pangolin FB4 -

Pangolin BEYOND -

Aerial Lasers -

Audience Scanning Lasers -

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