The Ivete Sangalo Experience

In celebration of her 25th anniversary, Ivete Sangalo decided that she wanted to give her fans a truly memorable experience by putting together a massive show. The event, which was titled the "Ivete Sangalo Experience", was located at the Allianz Park Stadium in Sao Paulo Brazil, on December 8th of 2018, with approximately 45,000 people attending the show.

The event was designed to be massive, with the goal of highlighting all the details of scenography on an enormous scale. The stage would transform during Ivete's performances, going from carnival, electronic, Latin, and romantic music scenes. And what better way to truly captivate the audience than to use massive laser projectors in conjunction with other lighting equipment.

The ivete sangalo expierence

To program and run the lasers for the show, they brought in laser programmer Maurício Gonçalves with the company Laser Lights and Martin Gabco with KVANT Show Production for assistance. Maurício was the brainiac behind the show's programming, he used Pangolin's BEYOND software to design all the laser-related effects, and took advantage of BEYOND's ability to output to external visualization software, in this case, WYSIWYG.

This was extremely important because the crew needed to be able to collaborate with each other in order to pre-program the show, giving them complete confidence once it came time to setup.


For laser projectors, the crew brought in multiple KVANT's Spectrum Series lasers, along with KVANT's ClubMAX series for a bit of added effects. This allowed Maurício to fill the room with an abundance of gorgeous laser beams and other aerial laser effects, perfectly fitting the "massive" nature of the show.

Show Tech

KVANT Spectrum Series:

KVANT ClubMAX Series:

Pangolin BEYOND:

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