Laser Mirrors at Blink Festival 2019

laser mirrors-lapis-laser-display-blink-festival-2019

BLINK, aka The Blink Festival is a huge laser light, art, and projection mapping event that is held in downtown Cincinnati, as well as northern Kentucky, over the span of four days.

The event takes individuals on a walk through the streets of downtown Cincinnati, showcasing fun and creative work from designers all around. Pangolin had the chance to talk with one of the laser designers from the event - who actually happened to be the only laser professional there.

Garrett Crabtree, Co-Owner of Lapis Laser Display, who is well known for his work with the Louisville Holiday Laser Dome, was able to give us some insight on what Lapis was doing at the festival.

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"We thought it would be cool to create a display that would be in sort of a mirage of how beautiful, yet artistic lasers can be. While adding your typical EDM type of laser content, like flashy laser beam shows with fast paced music, to help counterbalance the normal kind of work people expect from laser shows".


To add in the artistic value, Lapis brought in a bunch of laser mirrors, twenty-six to be exact, allowing laser beams to bounce between mirrors and finally terminate onto an empty wall.

"As far as lasers go, we brought four ClubMAX 6000's that were controlled with BEYOND software. Though, we had to use a crap-load of haze to make sure display looked as good as possible".

The show was setup in an alleyway that was approximately 225ft long, and around 15ft wide. Over the span of four days, it's estimated that the foot traffic was upwards of 100k people that walked through and saw the display, many of which quoted "it was the best installation that was saw!".

"During all four nights it was extremely packed. Overall it went amazing and I couldn't have been happier with the outcome. I would say that it was my favorite job that I have done so far."

Show Tech

KVANT ClubMAX 6000:

Pangolin BEYOND Software:

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