Pig Floyd – A Pink Floyd Tribute Band


If you’re a Pink Floyd fan, you may have heard the name “Pig Floyd”. They’re a well-known Pink Floyd tribute band that constantly travels all throughout the United States, preforming many of popular hits from various Floyd albums such as The Wall, Dark Side Of The Mood, and more.

The band originally started when the front man Ron Howard, decided to turn his dream into reality and set out to create his own Pink Floyd tribute band, eventually ending up with the creation of Pig Floyd.

Over the years, the band has grown and become well-known around the United States, gaining a ton of popularity with their talented lineup of musicians who put on one truly electrifying show.

Keeping the Laser Show Tradition Alive


Back in the day, Pink Floyd put on (at the time) some of the best laser light shows around. Which were quite hard to come by back in the 1970’s due to the cost of laser projectors and maintenance that they required. 

Pig Floyd has made sure to keep the laser light show tradition alive, making laser projectors one of the key parts of their performance. Ron Howard Jr, the son of the front man, is the laser and lighting technician for the band.


Outside of playing music, Howard Jr loves to create and run laser shows for the band. Ever since they brought lasers into their act, they’ve been using Pangolin’s QuickShow software to create and run their laser shows.

“It’s a great piece of software because you can create whatever you want from inside of QuickShow, and don’t even need to make your own content because the software comes pre-programmed with a bunch great content that is laid out throughout the pages.

As far as lasers go, we're currently running two KVANT ClubMAX 3000 FB4’s. I found them a little while back after I saw a post on Facebook with the caption “DUDE”, it showed the most astounding laser show I had ever seen. Then not long after that we ended up with two ClubMAX lasers. They have been a blessing ever since”. – Howard Jr.

Show Tech

KVANT ClubMAX 3000 FB4: 

Pangolin's QuickShow Software:

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