Trans-Siberian Orchestra Winter Tour 2019 Laser Spectacular!

Recognized as one of the bestselling bands for live shows in the entire world, Trans-Siberian Orchestra was back at it again during their 2019 Winter Tour. The tour began in early November and concluded on December 30th 2019.

If you’ve never heard of Trans-Siberian Orchestra, they’re a rock opera / progressive band that was formed by Paul O’Neill back in 1996 (their first debut), which now consists of over 30 performers, from singers, to guitar players, drummers, and more. In short, the group is HUGE, but not just in the size of the band, but also in popularity.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra is known for their over-the-top shows, which typically involve the use of pyrotechnics, lasers, lighting and sometimes even more to add to the performance and experience of the show.

Lasers & SFX By Image SFX

Through-out the past few years, Pyrotek had been the main pyro/laser vendor for many of TSO’s shows. Though this year everything had changed, as TSO decided to bring on Image SFX, which is a division of Image Engineering that is based out of Las Vegas.

Image was brought in to supply special effects. This covered things from pyrotechnics, high-powered laser projectors, true-crowd scanning laser projectors, lighting design and more.

True Crowd Scanning

While the show featured a bunch of very impressive laser shows, we were even more impressed by the use of their incredible "true" crowd-scanning sets as a part of the show. To truly crowd-scan, you'd need to follow very strict guidelines to make sure that it’s actually safe for the crowd, performers, cameras, etc.

This means that they had all crowd-scanning laser projectors with fitted with Pangolin’s PASS hardware, an onsite LSO, and all of the required tools to make sure the laser is outputting the proper power.

Laser Show Technology

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