Juno 5 | More Performance at Higher Powers

ScannerMAX Juno 5 edited onto custom background

When you constantly innovate, change is inevitable.

We realize that scanners are a fundamental component of any scanning laser system, and in our pursuit for continued higher performance, KVANT and Pangolin have been working hand in hand to build and integrate the new Juno 5 into many of our high-power laser systems, including the Spectrum, Atom, and Maxim series.

What makes the Juno 5 better than other systems?

Juno 5 delivers speeds up to 40 Kpps @ 8º and a maximum scan angle of 60º on both the X and Y axes. Every Juno 5 comes fine tuned by ScannerMAX and is built with top of the line components to provide you with a powerful, robust, and long lasting scanning system inside your laser projector.

Juno 5 is a very rigid scanning system that is able to perform very precise and fast scanning, with wide angle projections, and produces the highest RMS torque to inertia ratio out of any commercially available scanner capable of moving a 5MM laser beam.

Other reasons we chose the Juno 5

  • Stronger magnetic field
  • Stronger rotor and shaft
  • Stronger integrated back-supporting mirror mount
  • Stronger 6MM OD precision bearings
  • Stronger position feedback with low noise
  • Patented motor magnetic design for better cooling
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