RGB Color Balance for Lasers

As lighting professionals, we all know the importance of ensuring colors are evenly matched across all fixtures in a given setup. However with laser projectors, the importance of color correction with something such as an RGB laser, is even more apparent because the vividness of the light source. Everyone has an idea of what the colors for a laser projector should look like when building out a laser show inside of the software, as well as the frustration that can ensue if the colors projected from your laser show projector do not perfectly match the ones shown from inside your laser show software. This is a well known issue, especially among DMX controlled laser projectors in the field. In these situations, we tend to think "why can't something think of a quick fix to a problem like this?". After much work, partners from Kvant and Pangolin have worked together to sort out the issue.

Introducing the new Colour Balance Display Mode, featured on all new Kvant lasers with the FB4 built inside. With this innovative new tool, you can quickly and easily sync multiple laser projectors to perfectly match each other, as well as perfectly match the colors you were programming inside your laser show software with. This allows you as a lighting professional, to achieve a perfect uniform color balance across all your Kvant laser projectors (with the FB4 built inside). All this can be done with the push of a single button.

During the manufacturing process, the output colors of every Kvant lasers display system are calibrated, and stored inside of the FB4's memory. The setting called "Color Balance Display Mode", can be recalled by pressing the "Colour Balance" button on the back of the laser projector. This will not only work with using the built in DMX, or ArtNet interface, but as well as any other control interface plugged in ILDA connector. The laser system remembers the last setting of the color balance button, so you will not have to worry about it next time you switch on the system.

This feature is also a huge help when working with multiple laser projectors that have different power outputs. A single press of the button on the back of the laser projectors on each system will quickly and precisely unify the look among all of the projectors. Even if you decrease the power output of these systems too 50%, all of the mixed colors will remained synchronized. There are no other laser projectors in the field that offer such an easy method of color calibration across multiple laser in a setup. The color balance display mode not only saves you enormous amounts of time during your show setup, but also helps you to produce even more professional shows with ease.

Quickly & Easily Align Your Lasers Colours!

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