New 2020 KVANT Logolas | For outdoor advertising and signage

New 2020 Logolas Design

We're proud to announce the recently updated KVANT Logolas series providing an even better laser system for outdoor laser advertising and digital signage.

The new Logolas comes standard in either white or grey but can be powder coated to any RAL color. Logolas can be custom built to produce powers of up to 10W in full-color RGB, with 5W red, 10W green, and 11W in blue.

Project over several miles, with the new Beam Expander

New Logolas with Beam ExpanderLogolas Beam Expander in action

The new Logolas can be fitted with a beam expander that allows you to project a single laser beam across extraordinary distances. This product option requires a non-scanning Logolas, so you'll only be able to cast a single static laser beam.

Updated IP65 design

Logolas chassisNew Logolas Internals

The updated Logolas provides an even more discrete and robust design that is IP65 tested and approved. Including other features like increased impermeability, high-quality seals, IP65 rated connectors, and some of the best IP rated cooling fans on the market.

For those working in colder environments, Logolas's smooth front panel, sunk aperture, and internal heating element helps prevent snow/ice from getting stuck on the aperture window and eliminate any dew on the inside laser.

An optional remote monitoring system and circular bracket

Logolas with remote and circular bracket

With the addition of the new optional camera, you can monitor your Logolas laser system's live performance via GSM network and IP protocols, as well as during setting changes (such as zoning or timer settings). The camera comes in an IP67 rated housing and supports resolutions up to 1080p. The remote camera system requires Pangolin's BEYOND software during the initial setup of the camera.

There is also a new optional bracket for the Logolas, which secures the projector on a circular pole with an external diameter between 40 to 100 millimeters.

Who/what is Logolas for?

Logolas billboard advertising application

Our Logolas series is designed for a wide range of outdoor applications, with a primary focus on outdoor advertising and digital signage, but is also great for facade illumination and crowd flow management.

With Pangolin's exclusive laser show technology, such as laser scanners and FB4 hardware control system, Logolas serves as an excellent solution for those looking for a permanent outdoor advertising solution.

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