KVANT RGBY Laser Projectors – A Complete Game Changer!

RGBY lasers currently offered

full-power-output-compared-to-standard-rgb-laserPower Output / Luminosity

When adding the additional 5 watts of OPSL 577nm inside either the Atom or Spectrum lasers, you increase the overall brightness of the laser projector by nearly 80% to 100%, with some models being twice as bright and visible as their none RGBY counterpart.


Brighter Than Standard RGB Laser Systems

It’s been scientifically proven by the expert team over at KVANT, that any RGBY laser outperforms it’s standard RGB counterpart, and even ones of a higher power output as well. All of it has to do with the 577nm yellow OPSL inside, which increases the brightness of the white laser beam, which only affects the appearance with a slight tint of gold.


A Wider Range Of More Vivid Colors!

Since the system contains a 100% pure yellow OPSL module, the range and intensity of colors in which these laser systems produce increases tenfold. Standard RGB systems are somewhat limited, given that they cannot produce a completely yellow beam without any discoloration.

This makes RGBY systems the best choice for any very color sensitive applications such as laser graphics or laser mapping, providing a significant increase to the CRI (color rendering index) going from 30 (for RGB systems) to 75. CRI is a measurement of a light sources ability to reveal colors of various objects in comparison with an ideal or natural light source.

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