New Kvant Clubmax 10 FB4

The Kvant Clubmax 10 FB4 is an extremely powerful laser display system, created with the intention for use with large-scale indoor shows. Coming integrated with the FB4 control interface, the Clubmax 10 is the latest in laser technology, provided with smart features to help you provide your customers with the best of laser content!

A few highlights of the Clubmax 10 FB4 laser display system

  • lots of laser power in compact design.
  • attractive design and tough construction.
  •  integrated Pangolin FB4 control interface with network switch for professional control and easy daisy-chaining.
  • sophisticated scan-fail and system safety with advanced power supply monitoring and DMR (in reliability engineering, dual modular redundancy (DMR) is a system with duplicated components, providing redundancy in case one should fail). 
  •  Colour Balance display mode - once this mode is enabled, the colours outputted by laser will correspond to those you see on your computer screen, without the need for colour palette calibration in your software.
    These colour settings are stored in internal system memory of Clubmax FB4, meaning you always get the same colours from all Clubmax lasers, no matter what control interface you use.
  • And much more...

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