New Kvant Spectrum & Atom Series

It's about time that the Kvant Spectrum and Atom received an upgrade, so after many months of tuning and testing, we are excited to present the all-new Spectrum and Atom series lasers. Over 30 years of innovation, experience, and know-how combined with the latest laser technology has allowed us to create the ultimate Spectrum and Atom series laser systems.

Redesigned Housing

Both Spectrum and Atom are built in a completely redesigned housing that uses an attractive new foam aluminum chassis that makes the systems over 30% lighter, significantly smaller, and even more robust than their predecessors, while still being compatible with all standard accessories.

Improved Internal Construction

In addition to the all-new housing, Spectrum and Atom have implemented a cushioned heat sink with advanced thermal management and improved ergonomics that improve the resistance of the system against external factors such as dust or heat.

Incredible Power Output & Beam Quality

The output from the Spectrum and Kvant is extraordinary. The beam profiles of all primary colors are very close to one another in size, shape, and divergence. Ensuring the output of the laser is balanced and produces the highest quality output and most beautiful colors possible.

Comprehensive Control Solution

All Spectrum and Atom lasers come integrated with Pangolin's FB4 Media Server by default, providing all of the modern features that any user might desire. In addition, all Spectrum and Atom lasers come with Pangolin's QuickShow software entirely free of charge with an easy upgrade path to Pangolin's state-of-the-art BEYOND software.

The all new Spectrum and Atom are the perfect package for any laser/lighting professionals looking to create incredible large scale outdoor laser displays.

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