Lasers for Lighting Professionals

We’re going all out for LDI, bringing out the latest and greatest in laser light show technology to date, with our entire booth designed to promote Lasers for Lighting Designers

Amazing Laser Shows 

In a shared booth with Kvant & Realizzer, we are going to create a laser show display like you've never seen before. Our booth will feature amazing choreographed beam shows as well as projection mapping, all running from a GrandMA console together with KVANT Lasers with Integrated FB4 media servers, and full visualization via Realizzer. 

This new workflow makes it easier than ever before for you as a lighting designer to control a laser show natively from a console over DMX and ArtNET, while still having the creative freedom you desire, to create any sort of laser effects, laser gobos,  and laser content that you like. Come out and enjoy these inspiring laser displays, and get a first hand look at the type of laser shows you can create, using our collective technologies. 

FREE Training 

Our booth will also provide you with a great opportunity to actually come and play with our laser projectors and laser show control technology first hand, with multiple laser workstations setup for major industry consoles like MA, Avo, ChamSys and more. We will also have a official Pangolin trainers on site, to help teach you a variety of subjects, including: 
  • How to control lasers from a console over DMX / ArtNET. 
  • How to create custom laser gobos and effects (beams effects, digital signage effects and more), and then upload them to your FB4 media server. 
  • How to create timeline laser shows, timecode laser shows, live laser shows, and more. 
So enjoy the benefit of your own private workstation, with dedicated laser systems, so you can explore and work with the technology first hand. 

We will be located in Booth 1453. 
    Building a Better Laser System