The New Unity RAW 5 & 10

Kicking the Unity RAW series up a notch

The new Unity RAW 5 and 10 bring all the things you love about the RAW 1.7 and RAW 3, but give it a substantial power increase, boasting a power output of up to 10W. This gives users an affordable option for performing larger scale events.

RAW 5 and 10 pack all their power in a small and compact chassis, which is great for users who are constantly on the go. And with their fast and easy setup, you won't need to worry about having a lot of preparation time, just plugin your power and control, and you're ready to go.

The RAW 5 and 10 are great for projecting aerial beam effects, along with graphics, logos and text, all at a very affordable price point. They're equipped with easy to use adjustment knobs for color, position, and size.

RAW 5 and 10 also include all standard accessories, such as the power cable, ILDA cable, safety interlock, safety keys, e-stop, etc.

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