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Sky Lasers (which are commonly referred to as Sky Beam Lasers, Landmark Lasers, or Space Lasers) are a special line of laser projection systems that are designed for long range aerial beam projections. These lasers produce a laser beam (or beams) that can be seen from vast distances, up to several miles / kilometers away.

Sky Lasers have been recorded as the BRIGHTEST aerial beam systems globally, boasting crazy powers up to 1KW! (1,000W or 100,000,000mw) Over thirty times as powerful as our highest powered outdoor laser projector!

Features of Sky Lasers


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These systems were designed to work in a wide range of applications, fitted with features that aren't commonly found in many of the other high powered aerial beam laser systems on the market.

Like many other products we make, all the technology for sky lasers is manufactured in house. Allowing us to design the systems to meet any type of creative design, venue, show, or event.

Optical Scanning Systems


All sky laser products can be configured with a full range X/Y optical scanning system, giving you the power to incorporate movement into your physical laser beams, instead of just keeping them static.

Full Color Systems


Our sky lasers can be configured to supply full color RGB based lasers, or operate a single color system. Choose your color preference or palette, and let us do the rest!

Climate Control, High Efficiency, and Full Support

All sky laser systems can be fitted with passive cooling or water cooling, as required by the specific nature. To make it even better, all systems are extremely power efficient, in many cases will run off of a simple 110V-30V power source.

Sky lasers will also include full support year round (with all packages), ensuring you are always up and running successfully.

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