The Circle of Light Festival in Moscow is one of the world’s largest festivals, dedicated to the beauty of light.

Current figures estimate that this is one of the top three most attended festivals in the world.

The main staple of this grandiose event has always been a full multimedia show setup, that combines video mapping, pyrotechnics, water fountains, lasers, and additional lighting all together, to create a memorizing spectacle for participants of the festival to enjoy.

For the event this year, the organizers of the Circle of Light Festival in Moscow brought in the award winning team from Dream Laser, to program and coordinate the laser effects for the ending ceremony, which took place as a part of the event.

The team at Dream Laser used the Pangolin BEYOND laser show software, to perfectly map out a giant bridge, of over 4,000 square meters. Laser effects beautiful encompassed the structure, projecting across the surface lines of the bridge itself. The level of complexity involved in mapping out a structure of this magnitude is unparalleled not only in Russian standards, but even on international standards.

To bring the show to life, 18 x Spectrum 30W Laser Projection Systems were used, with the Pangolin FB4 laser control hardware built inside. This allowed the team at Dream Laser to run a complete network laser setup, all using CAT5 cabling. And each laser was perfectly synchronized with the other, over this network setup. So that all effects, colors, and projections, were in perfect harmony.

The end result was a show of global proportions, which truly personified what the Circle of Light Festival is all about.

Show Tec:
1 x BEYOND Ultimate Software License
18 x FB4 Laser Show Control Hardware
18 x Spectrum 30W Laser Show Projectors

LD Series Laser Show Projectors From KVANT