New Kvant Burstberry

Released at Prolight+Sound 2018, is the brand new Burstberry. An innovative laser product from KVANT and Pangolin, "Allowing you to create new types of effects never seen before".

The Burstberry features full DMX or ArtNet control, along with an integrated Pangolin FB4. It's compact in size, but it's still a fully equipped RGB laser display with a inbuilt burst effect and 3W white LED blinder. The modular configuration allows you to create different arrays and matrixes, giving you the ability to assemble it into virtually any geometric formation. It has a super easy setup and deployment for you to be able to daisy chain between different fixtures. 

Built in diffraction for audience scanning effects, and integrated LED flash for additional looks. #Burstberry is here! 

The Burstberry is also full graphics capable, applying to those who might need to create those types of frames or animations. 

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New Kvant ARCHITECT 55

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